Identify the Technical Name of a Field on a Form

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When you are customizing a form in Dynamics 365, it’s not always clear how to identify the name of the field in the database. Some are clear; fields like “Subject” and “Description” usually have the same label as the technical name of the field. But what about a field like “Due Date”? The Display Name is not the same as the technical name, and the label on the form might not even match the Display Name.

The easiest way to find the technical name is to use the Form editor.

Let’s try it. On the Task form, click the Form button to open the editor. When the window opens, double-click on the field to open the Field Properties. Click on the Details tab to see the Display Name and the technical name of the field.

On the Task/Due field, for example, we can see that although the field is labeled “Due” on the Task form, the Display Name is “Due Date” and the technical name is “scheduledend”.

Field Properties


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