Find a new image for the App Tile Icon in the D365 Unified Interface


When creating a Dynamics 365 App in the App Designer, you can use the default image for the App Tile Icon, but it’s kind of boring. It’s pretty easy to choose a new image, but it’s not so easy to tell which one to use. There are a LOT of objects in the list, and it’s not obvious what they all are.

Here’s a way to quickly find the one you want:

  1. In the App Launcher window, right-click on the image you want, and select Copy Image Address (or copy image link).
  2. Paste the link into Notepad, and look at the file name at the end of the link. For example, if the link is %7b637699584630000145%7d/
    webresources/msdyn_/Images/Legacy_Crm_Icon.png, then the file name we’re looking for is “Legacy_Crm_Icon.png.”
  3. Open the app in the App Designer. Click on the Properties tab.
  4. Uncheck the default image box, and search for the image name. In this example, the name in the list appears as “Legacy_Crm_Icon.png”.
  5. Select the image, and save and publish the app.

Here is a list of the common images:

  • Sales: Dynamics Sales Icon, SalesPro App Icon
  • Service: CustomerServiceHub/_imgs/AppIcon/CustomerServiceHubIcon.svg
  • Legacy D365 Logo: Legacy_Crm_Icon.png
  • Sales Team Member: Dynamics Icon Sales Team Member

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