About Us

NextLevel Business Systems provides Dynamics ERP solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Focused solely on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and Dynamics 365, NextLevel provides business process analysis, installation, training, and ongoing support for Microsoft’s Dynamics systems.

Your best interest comes first at NextLevel, as our experienced consultants take you through a proven methodology guaranteed to achieve a practical, right-sized solution for your firm. NextLevel Business Systems is headquartered in Rochester, NY, but our virtual organization structure and long-term relationships with the best Dynamics consultants give us the flexibility to meet you at your level.

About the Next Level

NextLevel Business Systems was founded on a simple premise: “Everyone can benefit by moving their systems up to the Next Level.” CEO Gary Letter says, “Early in my career as an IT Director, I found six levels of progression in IT systems.”

“There is Level Zero, where information is not even recorded; it is simply lost. In Level One, information is stored in paper documents. Level Two moves into the digital age, but information is still stored in documents, like Word files and Excel spreadsheets.

“In Level Three, we start to see databases and their front-end applications. Typically, these are single-purpose, silo applications that can’t exchange information.

“Level Four is where we start seeing integration. Applications follow standards and can use each other’s information. 

“And the last level, Level Five, is where we start to see the most sophisticated functionality and efficiency, with automation, workflow, analytics, user-created customization, and a few things we haven’t thought of yet.

“Level Five is great, but it doesn’t have to be the goal of every project. As long as you are moving up to the Next Level, you are in good shape. If you can leapfrog a level or two, even better. The point is that perfection is not necessary; continuous striving to reach the next level is what yields results for your organization.”