Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 let your Sales and Service staff easily share information to provide a seamless customer experience. Give your people fast access to the information they need to build customer loyalty and drive repeat business. Used by leading companies worldwide, Microsoft Dynamics business solutions are:

  • Flexible, with options for deployment, purchase, and access.
  • Familiar and easy to use because they work like other Microsoft products.
  • Designed to fit your business through easy customization.
  • Always available, with a guaranteed service level agreement. 
XRM cow

And it's not only your customer relationships. Fast, easy customization without programming means you can shape all your relationships with Dynamics CRM Online. Just as the "C" stands for "Customer", the "X" stands for "Anything." Even "cow"? Click on the image at right to find out. It's not just CRM; it's XRM.



On-Demand or On-Premises:
The Power of Choice

Choose on-demand deployment with Microsoft Dynamics 365 if you want a rapid, affordable, and streamlined way to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can pilot it online before you bring it in-house, or use it indefinitely to reduce the burden on your IT staff and minimize your costs. Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premise deployment for the ultimate customization and integration capabilities with your existing Microsoft infrastructure. No matter which CRM deployment option you select, our consultants will guide you to the right choices in how you buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how you give users access to CRM data.